Design your life!

The defining characteristic of UX design is it's focus on the user and on an iterative, user-centered, approach to creating solutions. But what if we applied the user-centered design process to ourselves, our lives, and our careers?

J+E offers our popular UX Your Life tools and techniques both as a conference talk and as a workshop—to share how we've used these techniques in our lives and business and to help you and your team apply them to yours. 

So give it a try! Download the templates below and try our three research methods on yourself and on your life.

And let us know what you come up with—what kind of life will you design for yourself? Or if you'd like to schedule a member of the J+E team to give our UX Your Life talk or workshop, get in touch and let's make it a date.



Your life in weeks (Audit)

Your life in weeks is a map of the high points and low points in your life. How it’s been spent so far and what’s ahead.

  • What were the big events in your life?
  • How have you spent your time so far?
  • What events can you forecast?
  • How do you want to spend your time left?

Eisenhower chart (Usability test)

An Eisenhower chart identifies what is critical and what isn’t, to help you focus on using your time, not just filling it.


Affinity map (KPIs)

A way to find patterns in qualitative data.

  • Write down any important goal you want to achieve
  • Organize the data by the insights it suggests
  • Categorize insights under “I” statements to keep the analysis from the user’s (your!) point of view
  • Timebox the exercise