Tap into J+E's design unicorns


Unicorn invasions!

Workshops of all sizes to serve your team or audience

Sure, we can design for you. We can even design with you. But if you want to transform your team, your business, or your conference, you might need a Unicorn Invasion.

J+E offers a spectrum of interactive educational options to bring design tools and techniques to your team—from short workshops to hands-on coaching and half-day team activities and design games. So whether you want us to run a Unicorn Invasion program for you, or if you want to partner and create something new, we've got the expertise and content you need.


Unicorn rescues!

Week-long design sprints that deliver actionable results

Does your team need design leadership to take their project to the next level? 

A Unicorn Rescue isn't staff augmentation or a run-of-the-mill contract assignment. It's a design sprint on crack. Our design-thinking SWAT team—a crew of director- and senior-level creatives who'll join your squad for one week (or more!)—will level-up both your project and your team with a mixture of business analysis and user research all the way to information architecture and high-fidelity visual design.