Let our design unicorns come
to your project's rescue!

Does your team need design leadership to take their project to the next level? 

A Unicorn Rescue isn't staff augmentation or a run-of-the-mill contract assignment. It's a design sprint on crack. Our design-thinking SWAT team—a crew of director- and senior-level creatives who'll join your squad for one week (or more!)—will level-up both your project and your team with a mixture of business analysis and user research all the way to information architecture and high-fidelity visual design.

J+E's design unicorns synthesize raw user research using affinity mapping to find themes among qualitative data.

J+E's design unicorns synthesize raw user research using affinity mapping to find themes among qualitative data.

Who needs a unicorn?

We've designed our Unicorn Rescue program to target the needs of:

  • Start-ups with few or no design resources looking to upgrade their product and take it to market
  • Creative agencies wanting to leverage user-centered design to create a pitch or kick-start a project
  • Internal teams and product companies needing to rapidly-prototype an experience MVP for a pitch, investment, or user testing
  • Anyone with a project in trouble that needs creative leadership to turn it around

Engagement goals

For one week, our team of unicorns will be committed to:

  • Work embedded with your team
  • Carry out user-centered design processes—user research, design, and usability testing to quickly discover, create, and validate ideas
  • Deliver tested design recommendations based on user needs and opportunities
  • Create a roadmap and identify resources to execute these recommendations (whether we're the right party to do it, or not!)

Your killer results

And when we're done, your team will benefit from:

  • A strengthened base in user-centered design, with the tools and skills to carry out the design process themselves
  • Your product getting the focused attention it needs to be well-designed and successful
  • A foundation for design thinking that creates efficiency, empowerment, and empathy
  • All the deliverables you need to keep the ball moving forward when our  engagement  is complete

A one-week Unicorn Rescue Schedule

In a typical one-week Unicorn Rescue engagement, our designers, consultants, and seasoned instructors work with your stakeholders and team on a single key project, either at your office, in your user's environment, or in a creative and convenient off-site location. And whether your team is made up of designers or members from other disciplines, we'll tailor our approach and our materials to demonstrate effective user-centered design principles and processes you can start using right away, and keep using once we're gone.

This schedule is an example—the exact services and deliverables will vary by engagement and team.

"I’ll never start another business
without doing this first"

Post-Office called on J+E's Unicorn Rescue to kick off a whole new business

The team at Block and Tackle have each launched their fair share of big projects over the years and are no strangers to process. With Post-Office, their soon-to-launch roving pop-up coworking space concept, they wanted to build it as intelligently as possible. So, they did what they tell their own clients to do all the time: They called in the experts at J+E.

Getting to start from scratch with a new consumer product is just about every designer's dream. And with our one-week Unicorn Rescue program, we got started tackling business analysis and research all the way to user flows and design.

Let's get busy!

A typical one-week Unicorn Rescue engagement costs $15,000 and includes JD and team on a full-time engagement (Monday through Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm) as well as any design deliverables and related licenses produced during the course of the week.

Half of the fee will be due on agreement of terms as a deposit—the remainder upon completion of the scheduled Unicorn Rescue week. Travel and travel-related expenses outside of the Atlanta area, project-specific materials, and additional resources may cost extra.

We're comfortable working under reasonable NDAs and are willing to consider longer engagements if your project needs more love and if your team wants more design expertise—let us know what you have in mind and we'll work something out. 

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