#foodporn for a cause

We love giving back, paying it forward, and helping others. And while we're ever-striving to be in a position to give great gobs of money away, in the meantime, the next best thing is to do important shit.

This desire to help led to partner with Open Hand Atlanta on a number of projects, including a recent collaboration with Marta and SNAP-ed to incentivize healthier eating in Atlanta's food deserts! 

This past summer, Marta launched pop-up farm stands at four Atlanta transit stations—Fresh Marta Markets at West End, Five Points, College Park, and HE Holmes—to serve communities with limited access to food. And to serve them better by doubling the value of their SNAP accounts toward fresh produce. 

Open Hand Atlanta partnered with J+E to create quick, enticing recipe videos to run on the Marta trains and draw riders' attention (and cravings) to the sorts of nutritious and delicious meals Fresh Marta Markets could help them make at home.

Fresh Marta Markets—like this one, at Five Points station—connect SNAP-ed beneficiaries with nutrias, farm-fresh food.


Our approach

J+E brought in a crack team to help with video production while Open Hand Atlanta provided onscreen talent and chefs to prepare and handle the food. They say it takes a village—and we loved the community that put this charitable project together!

Our lean creative and production process began with recipes, research, and a 15-hour filming day at Open Hand's main campus. Every moment was filled with lots of fun and careful attention to a fully planned and researched shot list.

Careful attention was paid throughout to the content strategy implications of the project: The final recipe videos were going to have to work on modern high-definition screens but also on social media—with a square format—and on Marta's legacy standard-definition TVs—with and without audio.

Art director Naomi Smith styling the amazing peach crisp


Open Hand's chefs prepared four different recipes at various stages in the tight confines of our makeshift set

Marta Never looked so DELICIOUS

If you haven't caught one of our delicious recipe videos during your Marta commute, enjoy them all here. But fair warning: your mouth might water.